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QUALITY, DESIGN, PRICE is the first objectives for securing a solid ground in the Canadian market.

Found in 2013 Koop Enterprises brings the high quality of interior doors and exterior doors to the North American market using its experience gained during the past 20 years in the wood and veneer industry. From concept through construction, to the finishing touches of each of your projects, you can rely on the our team to deliver a personal environment tailored specifically for you.


Door installation and delivery

Based in Toronto, we provide delivery and installation across the GTA area. To help coordinate your construction work, we offer a very flexible delivery service. KOOP`s turnkey installation service includes installation, disposing of old doors and clean up of the site after work is completed. Our certified professionals are known for being meticulous and precise.

Interior design

KOOP Enterprises provide full service Interior Design on large-scale new construction or renovations of all types and sizes for residential and commercial clients. Our long-term European experience with all the latest technological developments in the field of design and architecture will help us to create functionality and practicality whether it be, the house, the apartment or the office.

Recent Posts

  • Manufactoring eco veneer doors December 31, 2015
    The production technology of the eco veneer interior doors is not very difficult. Basis of such door is a framework which is most often made from pine. A honeycombed soundproof material is layered inside the frame, than MDF sheets (5mm) are fixe on this framework to create the box. The door is almost done, but at this stage the production…
  • HONEYCOMB DOORS November 6, 2015
    You for sure happened to see the bee honeycombs from a beehive. Here we have the same honeycombs only made of pressed cardboard or hardboard filling the interior of the door. The frame of a door is made from solid pine. It allows us to cut the space for the lock from one vertical side…
  • WHY ECO VENEER DOOR? October 26, 2015
    Interior doors are very important element in the interior design of any space. The door is a funda-mental part of a properly balanced room décor style, and the right door will enhance the room with its finish and style. So it is worth saying what a door can change the outcome of a renovation? The…