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Interior doors are very important element in the interior design of any space. The door is a funda-mental part of a properly balanced room décor style, and the right door will enhance the room with its finish and style. So it is worth saying what a door can change the outcome of a renovation?

The look and beauty of a door depends on the finish and its accessories. Doors could be covered with the most different materials, such as a natural veneer, solid wood and vari-ous laminates. At the present time eco veneer interior doors are leaders in benefits over other style doors. They are very beautiful as modern technologies allow, produc-ing a laminate (eco veneer) practically not distinguishable in form from various grains of a natural tree. Besides, the cost of eco veneer doors is reduced by way of the materials used, without the loss on quality compared to doors in solid wood, and in some characteristics even superior in techni-cal characteristics.