Manufactoring eco veneer doors

Olesya Krivobok

The production technology of the eco veneer interior doors is not very difficult. Basis of such door is a framework
which is most often made from pine. A honeycombed soundproof material is layered inside the frame, than MDF sheets (5mm) are fixe on this framework to create the box. The door is almost done, but at this stage the production is still far from a complete designer dress.


Advantages of eco veneer doors.

The laminated doors of new generation are almost indistinguishable from solid wood doors and even surpass them in technical characteristics. Thickness of a laminate cover between 0,4 to 0,8 mm. It fully and plausibly reproduces texture and color of natural wood. Eco veneer has good esthetic looks and also has a number of useful characteristics.

At the present time the price of an eco veneer door is lower than traditional solid wood but depending on the design it can be much lower. Compared to a simple unfinished wood door the eco veneer as a solid pre finish.

Color. Unlimited reproducibility of a laminate, constancy of color and texture on all components over time. Each example of color and texture is coded, so it can be duplicated at any time without change of color. No change of color shading over time.

Weight. More lightweight in comparison with solid wood doors. Not in all cases.

Moisture Resistance. High resistance to moisture or dry environments without thechange in shape or cracking effect. Suitable for use in bathrooms where high heat andmoisture are present.

Cleaning. To clean laminate doors you can use any household chemicals without damaging the surface. They are also not affected by termites or other parasites.

Steady surface. Pet friendly, they won’t be able to damage the laminated doors.

Time of delivery. Time of production of laminate doors is faster than solid wood doors.

Influence of moisture and sunshine. The eco veneer doors aren’t deformed from humidity and sunshine as solid wood doors.

Environmental friendliness. The laminated doors allow saving woods. In Europe purchase of solid wood doors is rather an exception to the rule; Europeans prefer to buy the laminated doors. We reuse recycled materials in the production cutting down on deforestation.


Olesya Krivobok

You for sure happened to see the bee honeycombs from a beehive. Here we have the same honeycombs only made of pressed cardboard or hardboard filling the interior
of the door.

The frame of a door is made from solid pine. It allows us to cut the space for the lock from one vertical side and fix the hinges from the other. Door leaf with a honeycomb structure are quite sturdy when covered with a 4 mm plate of MDF, and sandwiched they can hold weights of 50 kg per square cm.

The technology of honeycombs was used only in the space
industry before this time.

Advantages of honeycomb structure doors:
– good sound insulation;
– high resistance to external damages;
– resistance to temperature drops and humidity;
– strongest and stability of construction;
– environmentally friendly;
– modern and fresh design;
– economic and reasonable price;
– waterproof;
– lightweight maintain its strength


KOOP Enterprises

Interior doors are very important element in the interior design of any space. The door is a funda-mental part of a properly balanced room décor style, and the right door will enhance the room with its finish and style. So it is worth saying what a door can change the outcome of a renovation?

The look and beauty of a door depends on the finish and its accessories. Doors could be covered with the most different materials, such as a natural veneer, solid wood and vari-ous laminates. At the present time eco veneer interior doors are leaders in benefits over other style doors. They are very beautiful as modern technologies allow, produc-ing a laminate (eco veneer) practically not distinguishable in form from various grains of a natural tree. Besides, the cost of eco veneer doors is reduced by way of the materials used, without the loss on quality compared to doors in solid wood, and in some characteristics even superior in techni-cal characteristics.