honeycomb_1You for sure happened to see the bee honeycombs from a beehive. Here we have the same honeycombs only made of pressed cardboard or hardboard filling the interior
of the door.

The frame of a door is made from solid pine. It allows us to cut the space for the lock from one vertical side and fix the hinges from the other. Door leaf with a honeycomb structure are quite sturdy when covered with a 4 mm plate of MDF, and sandwiched they can hold weights of 50 kg per square cm. honeycomb_2

The technology of honeycombs was used only in the space
industry before this time.

honeycomb_4Advantages of honeycomb structure doors:
– good sound insulation;
– high resistance to external damages;
– resistance to temperature drops and humidity;
– strongest and stability of construction;
– environmentally friendly;
– modern and fresh design;
– economic and reasonable price;
– waterproof;
– lightweight maintain its strength


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