Classic Collection

Energy-efficient door 68 mm thickness in laminated wood: finger joint pine, pine, mahogany, oak.

Description of standard door:
  1. Solid wood door panel 68 mm thickness with acoustic rubber seal (sound deadening up till 41 dB);
  2. Wooden frame (70 mm) with acoustic and thermal gaskets;
  3. Kit of internal and external trims 55 mm and casings;
  4. Lower aluminum treshold (25 mm) with 3 acoustic and thermal gaskets;
  5. Adjustable 3D hinges Zenith with special cups (satin chrome, bronze or polished brass colors);
  6. High security look AGB Sicurtop with cylinder AGB Scudo 5000 (5 high security keys);
  7. Handle set in satin chrome, bronze or polished brass finishings;
  8. Combined with sidelites (transparent or frosted glass 28 mm)