Patio sliding doors

Patio sliding door, that allows you to enjoy brignt and spacious windows combined with the quality and performance of a sliding door. The size of the sliding sash and fixed glass are chosen by the customer depending on their necessity.


  • A slimmer sash profile The frame of the sliding sash has been concealed to 74 mm thanks to a reduced backet lock.
  • Wood and image only: the hardware disappears on the frame The sliding top guide has been inserted into the frame to hide every functional element.
  • Minimal design, with a technological heart The thin transom of the frame contains the top sealing profile: no carving is visible.
  • Side point system: the essential without bounds The glass is built into the jamb of the frame. Thanks to an easy and adequate installation, it blends with the wall. Top sash sealing profile The aluminum resistance and the insulating power of the sponge. The materials choice of the top sealing profile guarantees the resistance against air and noise abatement.
  • UNI-V central locking profile The wide working tolerances, allowed by the central point Uni-V, quarantee the declared performances even with the natural deformation of the wood. The revolutionaly central locking profile avoids every contact between the sash and the frame. The opening movement becomes fluid and silent.
  • Maximum security lock The innovative Poseidon lock with two opposite facing hooks and a central bolt offers anti-burglar security levels never known before.
  • Poseidon concealed security striker The striker is installed flush to the frame to improve the minimal design. The wide pressure adjustments an easy installation in every condition.